#PaxEx Podcast

#PaxEx Podcast

Airline passengers are mobile, social and vocal! And airlines know they must keep pace with the demands of these tech-savvy, always connected travelers in order to stay relevant. Hosted by industry expert Mary Kirby and aviation veteran Max Flight, the #PaxEx Podcast takes a studied look at how the airline passenger experience is quickly evolving. Featuring interviews with thought leaders in the space, the #PaxEx Podcast addresses everything from the latest changes to loyalty programs, airport services and amenities to innovations in onboard seating and interiors, inflight connectivity and entertainment and the overall cabin environment. Plus, we’ll look at how social media, multimedia marketing and mobile applications are having a profound impact on #PaxEx.

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    Podcast 061: Breaking down the passenger wins in FAA reauthorization

    Welcome to the Episode 061 of the #PaxEx podcast, which tracks how the airline passenger experience is evolving in a mobile, social, vocal world. In this episode, co-hosts Max Flight and Mary Kirby tackle a variety of issues that could have a very real impact on #PaxEx for economy class passengers and passengers with reduced mobility.

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    Episode 060: Inflight peanuts, animals and innovations, oh my

    Welcome to Episode 060 of the #PaxEx podcast. Our guest is Becca Alkema, who serves as operations manager at Runway Girl Network, overseeing our advertising assets and client relationships, and assisting with multi-media content generation. As the mother of a severely allergic child, she is well versed in the challenges posed by allergens, whether in daily life or on the road.

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    Episode 059: Fifty-year pilot John O. Graybill on flying private safely

    Our guest for this show is John O. Graybil, a FAA designated master pilot with over 50 years of aviation experience. After John’s wife had a near-death experience as a passenger in a friend’s private airplane, he wrote “Private-Airplane Passenger Safety: What You Need to Know” as a guide to help other passengers know if their pilot and their flight will be a safe one.

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    Episode 058: Unpacking sexism at AGM, guns in carryon, pot in transit

    Welcome to Episode 058 of the #PaxEx Podcast. Our guest for this show is journalist Harriet Baskas, who writes about airports, travel, museums and a wide variety of other topics for outlets that include NBCNews.com, CNBC.com, USATODAY.com and others. She is also the creator of the StuckatTheAirport.com blog, and a contributor to Runway Girl Network.

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